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Lunch Menu

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Dinner Menu

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Appetizers, Soups, and Salads

House Wings

Grilled wings with special spicy lemon saffron sauce.


Crushed chickpeas with tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, and garlic.

Kashk Bademjoon

Seasoned eggplant, sautéed chopped mint, and kashk.

House Salad 

Lettuce mix, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, chef’s special dressing.

Mirza Ghasemi

Smoked eggplant, tomato, garlic.

Salad Shirazi

Chopped cucumber, tomatoes, onions, lemon, and olive.

Mast O Mosir

Extra Fresh Bread And Herb Platter (Sabzi Khordan)

Fresh flatbread, fresh herbs, walnuts, feta cheese, radish

Special Hot Sauce

Parsley, cilantro, tomatoes, onion, garlic, special indian hot sauce, olive oil, pepper and salt.

Kabobs (Skewers)

Kabob Koobideh

Two skewers of juicy, finely seasoned ground sirloin grilled on the flame.

Kabob Barg

Flat cut of tenderloin tail seasoned to perfection

Beef Soltani

One skewer kabob koobideh and one skewer kabob barg.

Chicken Kabob

Lemon and saffron marinated tender chicken breast, grilled on the flame

Chicken Soltani

One skewer of chicken barg and one skewer beef koobideh.

Kabob Chenjeh

Sliced tender pieces of beef marinated in onions.

Lamb Kabob

Five pieces of sliced tender lamb kabob served with ads polo (lentil and rice).

Rack Of Lamb (18 Oz)

Grilled rack of lamb served with basmati rice, lentil, and raisin.

Cornish Kabob

tender pieces of bone-in chicken marinated in lemon juice and saffron served with Zereshk polo

Shish Kabob (Filet Mignon)

Filet mignon cuts marinated grilled with onins, tomatoes, and green peppers

Salmon Kabob

Fresh filet of marinated salmon in special sauce grilled on flame.

Veggie Kabob

Marinated mushrooms, tomatoes, green and red bell peppers, zucchini.

Khoreshts (Stews)

Khoresht Bademjoon

chunk of beef, sautéed eggplant cooked in tomato paste

Khoresht Ghormeh Sabzi

beef chunk & herb stew with red kidney beans & dried lime

Khoresht Ghaymeh

chunks of beef sautéed eggplant cooked in tomato sauce, yellow split peas

Lamb Shank

slow cooked Lamb Shank with baghali-polo


Creme Brulee

heavy cream, eggs, sugar, cardamom peppers

Turkish Baghlava (3 Pieces)

phyllo dough, pistachios, butter, syrup

Persian Ice Cream

ice cream with pistachio, saffron, rose water (16 oz)

Dark Chocolate Cake

Dark Chocolate Cake topped with Special Chef Cream & hazlnut Sauce and your choice of Vanilla / Persian Ice Cream

White Chocolate Cake

White Chocolate Cake topped with Supreme Strawberry, Sauce and your choice of Vanilla / Persian Ice Cream